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D. Usage of Ceremonial items
When and where
Ceremonial items involved

First, second and third sounding of the drum

Large bell and large drum.

Ceremonial attendants attend to their respective duties

Sandalwood incense powder, incense burner, two pairs of candles, six butter lamps and lighters.

Ceremonial Supervisor’s position

90cm x 90cm square of red carpet.

Assistant Officers’ positions

90cm wide red carpet with the length based on the number of people.

Principal’s position

90cm x 90cm square of red carpet.


Large earthenware jar, basin, ladle, ladle tray, towel, towel tray and water.

Lighting the firecrackers

Firecrackers and lighter or sound system, firecracker sound files and speakers.

Reception for theancestral spirits

Drum, bells, orchestra, lantern, lantern stand, fan, fan stand, parasol, parasol stand.

Presentation ofthe food offerings

Bell, orchestra, offerings and associated utensils.

Presentation of the incense

Drum, bell, orchestra, incense burner, incense labeled with red paper, incense tray and lighter.

Presentation of the Principal Presentations

Drum, bell, orchestra, bronze wine vessel. Add silk and the silk tray for the Initial Principal Presentation.

Place of the wine

Jar, jar tray, ladle, ladle tray, three bronze wine vessels, cloth cover and potable water.

Reading the Ancestral Remembrance Service Reading

The AncestralRemembrance Service Readingand a tray for it.

Consuming the ceremonial offerings

Bronze wine vessel, offering (eg vegetarian turnip cake) and anofferingtray.

Carrying the silk to the incineration area

Drum, bell,orchestra, the Reading, silk, silk tray, burner, paper money, lighter.

Memorial tablets

Memorial tablets for the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors, and the Chinese ancestors of ten-thousand family names.


Lamps, flowers, fruit, azuki red beans, green beans, black beans, soybeans, kidney beans, job’s tear grain, pearl barley, black wood ear fungus, white wood ear fungus, orange day-lily, white rice, barley, wheat, pistachio nuts, corn, sorghum, almonds, peanuts,millet seed, walnuts, cashew nuts, buckwheat, etc. The above are equally appropriate.There is no need to use all of the above so just purchase according to one’s particular circumstances.