The Viewpoints Of Venerable Master Chin Kung

“Sincerity, Purity, Equality, Proper Awakening, Compassion, See Through, Let go, Attain Freedom, Accord with Conditions, and be Mindful of Buddha Amitabha”.  These ten qualities are the fundamental guidelines of Venerable Master Chin Kung’s teachings.  He has not only tirelessly guided people to accord with the above qualities, but has exemplified them throughout his life.  Since his first talk in Taiwan, he has lectured continuously for forty years.  With great patience, he has explained to all people that “First; Buddhism is a most virtuous and perfect education directed by the Buddha towards all sentient beings in the universe.  Second, Buddha Shakyamuni is a responsible voluntary social educator.  Third, Buddhism is neither a religion nor a philosophy, but essential for our modern world.”  

He has advocated the ideas that Buddhism is an education, of being filial to our parents, being respectful to our teachers and traditional values.  In propagating the Buddha’s teachings, he has traveled all over the world, primarily in China, South East Asia, Australia and North America.  He is highly respect by people around the world and has earned admiration from different associations, groups and schools.  The principles and philosophy of Master Chin Kung with their rich and profound content are elucidated as follows.