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THE WORLD AS A Harmonious Universe Sincerity, Purity, Equality, Proper Awakening, Compassion, See Through, Let go, Attain Freedom, Accord with Conditions, and be Mindful of Buddha Amitabha ONE FAMILY Let Us Pray Together for World Peace

World Peace and Harmony: An Inspiration from Water


We all know that 70% of our body is made of water. From Dr. Emoto’s experiment, we understand the idea that if we have a virtuous thought, water will respond positively. Therefore, if all the cells in our body are virtuous, our body will stay healthy. There is no need to take any medicine even though we are ill. The unhealthy cells will automatically gradually recover from illness. If we have an evil thought, a selfish mind, an arrogant thought, then the water will respond negatively and directly influence our body. This inspiration elaborates well on the idea that “All phenomena arise from our minds. Our environment changes according to our mind.”



 The teachings of Confucius, Mencius, and Mahayana Buddhism are based on the principle of “loving-kindness.”
Confucius, Mencius, and Mahayana Buddhism teach us that we should respect one another.


Ven. Master Chin Kung’s speeches To keep our mind pure and at peace is like keeping a pond clean and undis­turbed.


Buddhism is a most virtuous and perfect education directed
by the Buddha towards all sentient beings in the universe.


Traditional Chinese Culture
Saints and Sages’ Education that Inspires “Wisdom, Benevolence, and Courage”

One Humanity Many Faiths

The universe and we share the same root and that all creations and we are one entity.



Buddhism is an education, not a religion. We do not worship the Buddha, we respect him as a teacher. His teachings enable us to escape from suffering and attain happiness. – Venerable Master Chin Kung

The riches and honors

The riches and honors you enjoy in this life are results of the good you did in the previous life. If you did not do good in the previous life, then do it now.

All science and technology

All science and technology comes from mankind’s wisdom. Without the wisdom to be pure, equal, and benevolent, advanced science could be used as a tool for exterminating mankind.

Real truth, virtue and beauty

Real truth, virtue and beauty lie in a heart of purity, fairness, and freedom from hypocrisy and wickedness. It has no greed, stubbornness, obsession, arrogance or doubt.

Thrift, Contentment, Simplicity & Benevolence

Thrift can cure poverty; contentment can cure greed, simplicity can cure uneasiness, and benevolence can cure crabbiness.

Association of Master Chin Kung's Friends at UNESCO

“Education is the priority in establishing a country and leading its people”

Filial piety, sibling love, loyalty, and trustworthiness.
The spirit of a harmonious society is courtesy, integrity, honor, and an understanding of shame.
The spirit of a harmonious world is benevolence, love, peace, and equality.
Teachings of morality and virtue.