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Features: Qunshu Zhiyao 360

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Righting Oneself

A superior person must first and foremost be an exemplar of integrity in his official duties. Giving...
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Be Sincere and Trustworthy

Heaven and earth are bound within the natural order, but when actualities are absent they cannot tra...
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Filial Piety and Kinship

If one were able to perfect his filial piety and attention to fraternal duties, he would move the go...
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Presenting Counsels

There are three kinds of approach that an official can take to fulfill his duties: Prevent, Rectify,...
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Serve with Utmost Loyalty

Confucius said: “In attendance to the leader, superior persons reflect upon the ways in which they...
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Be Perceptive and Astute

The ability to “listen and observe” is the door to life or death, the key to safety or danger. I...