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Without taking continuous steps, a journey of a thousand miles cannot be done. Without gathering wat...
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The Art of Learning

Never tire of learning for it will subdue our bad habits; never tire of teaching for it will educate...
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Making Friends

Confucius said: “There are three kinds of friendship which are beneficial and three kinds of frien...
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Be Discreet

Be warned! Do not talk too much. Much talk incurs much trouble. Do not be too inquisitive. Much pryi...
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The book of Xiang Zhuan states that: “A diligent and humble superior person draws admiration and r...
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Laozi said: “Respond to anger with virtue. Recompense injury with kindness.”...
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Righting Oneself

A superior person must first and foremost be an exemplar of integrity in his official duties. Giving...
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Be Sincere and Trustworthy

Heaven and earth are bound within the natural order, but when actualities are absent they cannot tra...
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Filial Piety and Kinship

If one were able to perfect his filial piety and attention to fraternal duties, he would move the go...