The Ten Recitation Method

The Ten Recitation method is a sim­ple, convenient, and effective way of prac­ticing Buddha Recitation.  It is especially suitable for those who find little time in the day for cultivation.  Practicing the Ten Recitation method helps us to regain mindfulness of Amitabha Buddha and brings us peace and clarity to the present moment.

The practice begins first thing in the morning when we wake up.  We should sit up straight and clearly recite Amitabha’s name ten times with an undisturbed mind, whether out loud or silently to ourselves.  We repeat the process eight more times for the rest of the day: 

                       2)  At Breakfast
                       3)  Before Work
                       4)  At Lunch Break
                       5)  At Lunch
                       6)  After Lunch Break
                       7)  Getting Off Work
                       8)  At Dinner
                       9)  At Bedtime

Altogether, the method is practiced nine times a day, everyday.  The key point in this cultivation is regularity; we must not practice one day and not the other.  If this practice can be maintained undis­turbed, the cultivator would soon feel his purity of mind increase, and wisdom grow.

Diligent practice of the Ten Recita­tion method together with deep faith and determined vows can ensure fulfillment of our wish to reach the Western Pure Land of Infinite Life and Infinite Light.  We hope everyone will practice accordingly.