Uniting Different Racial And Cultural Groups And Promoting Religious Education

In 1998 when staying in Singapore, Master Chin Kung initiated the communication and cooperation among the local nine different religious groups, and has seen successful results. The achievement is based on the affirmation and acceptance of the following two concepts pointed out by Master Chin Kung: First, The gods of all religions are manifestation of the same greater power. Second,  All religions are saints education of love and compassion. Today in Singapore, we can often see the nine different groups of religions get together to exchange their ideas, to cooperate in all kinds of activities such as charity dinners, fund-raising, social visits and so on. They all respect, love, tolerate and sincerely care about one another. Compared with the religious wars and racial conflicts in other parts of the world, they all feel especially grateful and cherish the peace and harmony they enjoy.

Master Chin Kung understands that only the teachings of saints and sages can put an end to people’s sufferings and bring true happiness and long lasting stability to their lives. On the other hand, charity work can only temporarily solve people’s problem. Therefore, since the year of 2000, Master Chin Kung started to encourage the nine religious groups in Singapore to take turns to give lectures in Singapore Buddhist Lodge and hold discussion panels. They share what they learned from their religious sutras, discuss with one other and answer others’ questions. Through these activities, unity among different religious groups was promoted, and the lectures of saints’ teachings were valued.

When interviewed by media, attending discussion panels or giving speeches, Master Chin Kung continuously explains the essence of the multi-cultural social education. He strongly stresses the importance and necessity of reinstating ethics education of saints and sages.