Water, Flowers & Fruits

by Venerable Master Chin Kung

Everything in a way place serves as a teaching aid. Even the offerings are educational. A container of water symbolizes the Dharma. The water is clean symbolizing that our minds need to be as pure as the water. It is calm without a single ripple, symbolizing the tranquility in our hearts. It is to have purity and equality of mind.

Flowers symbolize the “cause” as the blossoming of flowers results in the bearing of fruit. Flowers symbolize the Six Paramita.

Six Paramitas: Giving, Abiding by the precepts, Patience, Diligence, Deep concentration and Wisdom.

Fruits are not offered to the Buddha or Bodhisattvas to eat. They remind us that if we want the sweet fruit or the good result, we must cultivate and accumulate good deeds, the cause. Thus, everything we see in the way place is a teaching aid. The Buddhas and Bodhisattvas neither smell nor eat, they want for nothing.