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Education as the First Priority

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Refrain from anger

A sage ruler always has the welfare of the people at heart. He would never wage a personal vendetta ...
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Be frugal and diligent

The ancients said: “If a farmer refuses to work, some people will starve. If a woman refuses to we...
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Good or Evil

A superior person conceals the faults of others as a means to cultivate his own kindness. A petty pe...
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Taking Precautions

Do not let arrogance grow; do not let desire fly loose; do not let ambition become excessive; do not...
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Engaging the Principles

To increase wealth for the people, first and foremost base the economy on farming and textile produc...
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Be Respectful of the Dao

The original good self-nature of humans is called Xing. The right way of behavior following one’s ...
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Uphold Integrity

Looking at the individuals in history who have made great contributions to the society, it is eviden...
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Guard against greed

In general, anything that develops too fast will fall apart just as quickly, whereas a slow and stea...