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Education as the First Priority

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Social Customs

The problem with most people is that they would rather mourn for the dead than to love the living, a...
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Generals and Soldiers

Maneuvering an army of a hundred thousand soldiers will cost millions of dollars per day. Winning al...
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Cause and Effect

Life or death, fortune or misfortune, are all but the result of our own doings. When people accumula...
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Differences that Matter

Confucius said: “A superior person is self-confident without being arrogant. A petty person is arr...
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Law and Statute

Shang Shu said: “It is better to be faulted for not following the usual investigation procedures t...
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Formation of Cliques

The book of Hong Fan said: “No favor to anyone, no cronies in the government. The righteous path t...
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Reward and Punishment

Wise kings of the past would reward or punish an individual based upon his merits or misdeeds. The d...
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Talents and Virtues

Rather than hoping that everything we say is a suitable piece of advice that should be accepted, why...
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The Basis of Principles

There are five types of relations that constitute the moral standards of mankind, and three elements...